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The “Publications” section of the website has been developed to give you the opportunity to learn about the most important matters in the field of intellectual property law, privacy and data protection, internet law, and e-Commerce. The articles published provide practical advice to businesses and describe the last amendments of the legislation. Publications are grouped by the relevant field and are easily accessible by choosing the relevant field of law.


Video games and Intellectual property
in Copyright, Industrial Designs, Publications, Trademarks
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev With the development of technology, consumers are getting more and more new ways to have fun. In the last 20 years, a significant part of the entertainment industry has been occupied by video games, which are increasingly displacing film[…]
Online dispute resolution
in E-commerce, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev Throughout its long history, the European Union has sought institutional transparency, wide accessibility and bilateral negotiations. Following these values, an Online Dispute Resolution Platform has been set up to minimize unnecessary bureaucracy and unnecessary procrastination. What is the platform?[…]
Social media platforms and intellectual property
in Copyright, Industrial Designs, Publications, Trademarks
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev Everyone has heard of the Land of Opportunities. Now, these opportunities are increasingly provided by the Internet and its social media platforms, which are extremely convenient for all artists, amateurs, and producers. The wide range of people reached by[…]
Targeting consumers on social media platforms
in Privacy & Data Protection, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev In its development, technology has always strived for accessibility and efficiency. Following these two principles, letters have been replaced by e-mails, which in turn give way to messages sent through social media platforms. This has allowed such platforms as[…]