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The “Publications” section of the website has been developed to give you the opportunity to learn about the most important matters in the field of intellectual property law, privacy and data protection, internet law, and e-Commerce. The articles published provide practical advice to businesses and describe the last amendments of the legislation. Publications are grouped by the relevant field and are easily accessible by choosing the relevant field of law.


Software development contract
in Contract Law, Publications
Author: Boyana Boyadzhieva Software is an important component of modern computer systems, allowing users to perform a wide range of tasks from basic operations to complex computations and interactions. Whether it is managing data, communicating with others, creating content or conducting business[…]
Intellectual property in the fashion world
in Copyright, Industrial Designs, Patents, Publications, Trademarks
Author: Boyana Boyadzhieva Fashion, as a field of continuous development, penetrates into every aspect of our lives and has a significant impact on: culture – fashion has always been intertwined with culture, reflecting societal values, norms and trends. Fashion designers often draw[…]
Drafting of general terms and conditions of use of a platform
in E-commerce, Publications
Author: Boyana Boyadzhieva Rapid technological advances and the emergence of cross-border technologies have fostered the phenomenon of mass digitalisation, as a consequence of which consumer behaviour has changed and expectations to receive online services at a click away have increased. This has[…]
Absolute grounds for refusal of registration of a trademark
in Publications, Trademarks
Author: Boyana Boyadzhieva Registered trademarks are critical assets that help businesses distinguish their goods or services from those of their other competitors, while giving them the right to oppose the use of similar and/or identical marks to their mark by others for[…]