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The “Publications” section of the website has been developed to give you the opportunity to learn about the most important matters in the field of intellectual property law, privacy and data protection, internet law, and e-Commerce. The articles published provide practical advice to businesses and describe the last amendments of the legislation. Publications are grouped by the relevant field and are easily accessible by choosing the relevant field of law.


Submitting a signal and a complaint before the Commission for Personal Data Protection in Bulgaria
in Privacy & Data Protection, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has provided greater security and more comprehensive protection for individuals and their personal data. In fulfillment of its obligations under GDPR, each EU Member state has set up an independent[…]
Deletion of a domain by the Consumer Protection Commission
in Domain Names, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev The dynamic growth of e-commerce leads to the creation of more comprehensive legislation. This is one of the reasons for the latest amendments to the Consumer Protection Act, which allows the Consumer Protection Commission (hereinafter referred to as “the[…]
Alternative dispute resolution in Bulgaria
in E-commerce, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev The dynamism of public relations often creates misunderstandings between the trader and the consumer. These misunderstandings can often be resolved through open conversation in the spirit of understanding. Based on this idea, the Bulgarian legislator made changes to the[…]
Mediation in Intellectual property
in Industrial Designs, Publications, Trademarks
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev This article will provide more information about mediation in intellectual property as an alternative method for resolving disputes. Conflicts between two or more people are common, regardless of the field in which they practice. Disputes that arise do not[…]