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The “Publications” section of the website has been developed to give you the opportunity to learn about the most important matters in the field of intellectual property law, privacy and data protection, internet law, and e-Commerce. The articles published provide practical advice to businesses and describe the last amendments of the legislation. Publications are grouped by the relevant field and are easily accessible by choosing the relevant field of law.


Principles relating to the processing of personal data
in Privacy & Data Protection, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev It is no secret that personal data is one of the most important and key resources used in business circles. This statement raises several questions, the most significant and the most ambiguous being the way in which this personal[…]
The Deepfake content on the Internet
in Copyright, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev The hardware and software development of technology provides more and more opportunities to use the capacity of a computer system to its full potential. Whether using this capacity to play a video game at the highest video settings, watch[…]
Digital marketing and intellectual property as a way to establish a business brand
in Publications, Trademarks
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev What distinguishes a successful brand owner from an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has embarked on another new challenge? How have brands like Nike, Adidas, Bvlgari, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and many others become what they are now? Why are many of[…]
Software license agreement
in Contract Law, Publications
Author: Preslav Baldzhiev The digitalization of the world has made every action possible through software code. This has led to the creation of an environment in which the human factor is minimized and the activities of employees are facilitated as much as[…]