Dr. Punyar Kyazim’s monograph “A System for Financial Management of Intellectual Property” is published

February 25, 2023


We are pleased to share that the monograph by Dr. Panar Kyazim “A System for Financial Management of Intellectual Property”, is now on the market. The monograph presents a model for getting the most out of trademarks, industrial designs, trade secrets, and inventions. Within this system, objects are considered intangible assets of great value, possessing an extremely high potential for generating a positive financial result. The author – Dr. Panar Kyazim, presents various ways and means of managing specific objects of intellectual property, in a way that allows their optimal exploitation and achievement of strategic goals through their creation, ownership, or acquisition.

This valuable work is part of our library of the law firm and we recommend all intellectual property professionals familiarize themselves with the monograph, which is now on the market and can be purchased here. In addition to “A System for Financial Management of Intellectual Property”, Dr. Panar Kyazim is also the author of “Copyright in Middle Eastern Countries” as well as hundreds of articles and research papers, some of which are published on the website of our law firm. Panar Kyazim holds a Ph.D. in Economics, a Master’s degree in Primary School Education, Marketing and Intellectual Property, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Intellectual Property, with a specialization in European Economic Integration, and is a certified sommelier. Her scientific work is supported by more than 500 international trainings, from which 280 diplomas and certificates have been obtained.

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