New improvement of the electronic services at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria

January 19, 2023


Author: Boyana Boyadzhieva

The Bulgarian Patent Office has announced that from 16.01.2023 filed applications will be accepted automatically, without the intervention of an employee of the Office. In that way, filers will receive an accession number and the possibility of payment immediately after filing, regardless of whether this occurs during or outside the working hours of the Patent Office.

There are no changes to the filing and signing process itself. The accession number can be found on the acknowledgment receipt, which is automatically generated after acceptance, and the online payment option is available in the Payment Details section.

In the event of a technical problem that prevents the application from being accepted, the application will be reviewed and accepted by аn employee of the Office. This would not affect the submission date and/or validity of the submitted application in any way.

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