We assisted IP-Coster in the study conducted for Bulgaria in the field of trademarks and industrial designs

February 02, 2022


In February 2022 we had the honor to contribute to the provision of information to IP-Coster for Bulgaria on the following topics dedicated to trademarks and industrial designs: trademark registration in Bulgaria and industrial design registration in Bulgaria.

The invitation from IP-Coster as a participant in the index for Bulgaria is an indicator of the high attestation for our work and experience over the years from the IP community. The information provided in IP-Coster for each country is the result of cooperation between top-level law firms and intellectual property practitioners from around the world, so we were pleased to contribute by providing information to IP -Coster for Bulgaria on the above topics dedicated to trademarks and industrial designs.

IP-Coster publications are a major resource for IP professionals around the world and provide them with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge on these topics and to compare the legal framework in different jurisdictions.

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