Krasimira Kadieva contibuted to the Country index of SMD Group for Bulgaria

September 10, 2019


Krasimira Kadieva was given the honor to contribute to the Country index of SMD Group for Bulgaria and review and provide information on the following topics dedicated to trademarks: grace periods for renewals, trademark use requirements, trademark licensing and national trademark regulations.

The invite of Krasimira Kadieva by the SMD Group as a contributor to the Country index for Bulgaria is an indication for the high praise of Krasimira Kadieva’s work and experience over the years by the IP community. The information provided in the Country index of SMD Group for each country is a result of a cooperation between top tier firms and practitioners from all over the world and it was a great pleasure for Krasimira Kadieva to be invited as a contributor for Bulgaria regarding the legislation concerning trademarks.

The editions of SMD Group are an essential resource for IP professionals worldwide and provide them a unique opportunity to obtain knowledge on the mentioned topics and make comparison of legal framework in jurisdictions all over the world.

The editions of SMD Group are available for purchase at SMD’s Country Index website available at: .

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