We have prepared a Non-disclosure agreement in Bulgarian and English and a Services agreement in English

January 20, 2020


In January 2020 a client contacted us, with whom we have worked on another project about a year ago. The client has decided to hire us again, this time in connection with the preparation of a Non-disclosure agreement, which should be drawn up in Bulgarian and English and a Services Agreement, which the client provided us for a review and which agreement is in Bulgarian language and should subsequently be drafted in English. The client has provided us with all the necessary information so that we can finish the project on time. The Non-disclosure agreement, that we have drafted in Bulgarian and English contains the following:

  • Recitals;
  • Trade secret: definition of a trade secret; subject matter of the trade secret; measures undertaken by the Disclosing party to keep the trade secret confidential;
  • Obligations of the parties: non-disclosure of the trade secret; non-disclosure and nonuse obligations; no rights or licenses granted; a standard of care; notification of disclosure; no publication; return of confidential information;
  • Compensation for non-performance of the agreement;
  • Remedies: the responsibility of the receiving party for breach of its obligations; liability under the Law on Protection of Trade Secrets; liability under the Law on Protection of Competition; costs;
  • Miscellaneous: term; independent contractor status; no commitment; amendments in writing; communications; disputes; final provisions.

After preparing the non-disclosure agreement in Bulgarian and English, we proceeded with the revision and updating of the services agreement sent by the client in Bulgarian. After adding several additional clauses, we prepared the services agreement in English. Finally, we provided the documents we have prepared for our client, who approved them, with which we successfully completed this project.

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