We have drafted a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for Mobile Application in English

November 28, 2019


In November 2019, a client contacted us who has developed a mobile application for the two most popular mobile operating systems iOS and Android. The client wishes to offer the application to customers through the Apple Store and Google Play, which is why it is necessary a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of use of the Mobile Application to be drafted in English. The client assisted us fully by providing us with all the necessary information on the basis of which we were able to mark the contents of the documents, and then began to prepare the mentioned documents.

The Privacy Policy contains all the information that is required to be provided in accordance with Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR), namely: introduction; information about the Controller; information about the supervisory authority; the objectives and scope of the privacy policy; definitions; principles relating to the processing of personal data; the purposes of the processing of personal data; the legal basis for the processing of personal data; personal data that is collected and processed; instructions for using cookies; how long the personal data is stored; the mandatory and voluntary nature of the provision of personal data; information on the processing of personal data; personal data protection; recipients to whom personal data may be disclosed; rights of individuals; procedure to exercise the rights; information on the performance of profiling and the consequences of such profiling; changes in the Privacy policy.

The Terms and Conditions of use of the Mobile Application contain information regarding the identification of the Provider (the owner of the mobile application); characteristics of the online application; registration and installation; pricing and payment terms; right of withdrawal; force majeure; rights, obligations, and liability of Users of the mobile application; rights and obligations of the Provider; changes to the Application and pricing; personal data protection; exemption from liability; intellectual property rights; transfer of rights prohibited; breach and termination; final provisions.

We prepared the documents within the agreed deadline and sent them to our client, who approved and published them on the website, with which we successfully completed this project.

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