We have prepared a Privacy policy, a Cookies policy and Terms and Conditions for the use of an Internet platform for creating online stores for a client

October 21, 2019


In September 2019 we were contacted by a client who commissioned us to prepare documents for doing business on the Internet, in particular: Terms and Conditions for the use of an Internet platform for creating of online stores, Privacy policy and Cookies policy, which documents had to be prepared in both Bulgarian and English as the client’s business activity, in this case, is related to the offering of his services on the international market.

During the preparation of the documents, the correspondence was conducted both by email and through a personal meeting aimed at clarifying specific details of the documents themselves. There had to be taken into account a number of specifics about the website and the activity of our client, whose website does not in itself constitute an online store but an Internet platform for creating online stores by its Users.

At the same time, in view of the specifics, the following matters had to be carefully considered: the characteristics and management of the created online store by the clients Internet platform, the maintenance and technical support for both the platform and the respective online stores, establishment of the prohibitions for using of the platform, as well as other specifics related to the business activity of the client.

We were able to prepare the documents within the agreed deadline and sent them to our client, who approved them, with which we successfully completed this project.

The Terms and Conditions for the use of an Internet platform for creating online stores contain information regarding the identification of the Provider; the contact information of the supervisory authority; the subject matter of the Terms and conditions; the characteristics of the website; the characteristics of the online store creation service; the registration and creation of an online store; the management of the created online store; the pricing and payment terms; the maintenance and technical support; force majeure; the rights and obligations of the Provider and the Users of the website; the prohibitions for using the platform; the personal data protection; exemption from liability; the termination of services; links to third-party websites; the intellectual property rights and limitations of use; the complaints and dispute resolution, as well as the final provisions.

The Privacy policy contains all the information that must be provided in accordance with the requirements of Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, such as the identification of the Data Controller; the principles relating to processing of personal data; the purposes of personal data processing; the personal data collected and processed by the Controller; the rights of individuals; the period for which the personal data will be stored; etc.

The Cookies policy, for its part, contains the following information, namely: what are cookies and how are cookies used; what is the purpose of cookies; types of cookies and cookies, which the provider of the website uses;  purpose; how long is the information kept; how to control and delete cookies; changes to the Cookies policy.

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