We have registered a national service mark in Classes 35,36,37 and 39 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services

September 26, 2019


In January 2019, we were contacted by a client who has developed a combined mark consisting of two-word elements and one figurative element. The client assigned us the registration of the mark as a national trademark, which shall have an effect on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. The client provided us with information about the services that he will perform and designate with the mark, which is why after the classification we have made it turned out that the services fall into classes 35,36,37 and 39 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services. We have conducted a preliminary trademark search and provided the results of the search in a written legal opinion. We also sent a brochure and e-book containing useful information about the trademarks to the client, and then proceeded with filing the mark for registration at the Patent Office and paid the first installment of the state fee. The mark successfully passed the formal and substantive examination and the application was published in the Official Bulletin of the Patent Office. No objections and oppositions were filed in the provided three month period from the date of publication of the application in the Bulletin, which is why we moved on to the next step of the registration procedure, namely: payment of the second installment of the state fee, which is a fee for registration, publication of the registration and issuance of a certificate for registration. The mark was registered in September 2019, with which we completed this project.

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