We have registered a combined national trademark for goods in class 20 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services

September 20, 2019


In January 2019 we were contacted by a client who has developed a combined trademark and assigned us its registration as a national trademark at the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria. The goods for which the mark will be applied for registration fall in Class 20 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services. We explained to the client the nature of the registration procedure and proceeded with the preliminary search in order to determine if there were earlier third party rights. The mark is also distinctive enough to successfully pass the examination on absolute grounds for refusal. No earlier similar rights were found, so we moved with the filing of the application for registration of the trademark at the Patent Office, as well as paying the first installment of the state fee. The application successfully passed the examination on absolute grounds for refusal and was published in the Official Bulletin of the Office. No objections from third parties and oppositions were filed within the three-month period, which is why we proceeded with the last step of the registration procedure, namely: payment of the second installment of the state fee, after which a decision for registration was taken in September 2019. Finally, we provided the client with useful materials containing information about trademarks such as a brochure and an e-book with which we completed this project.


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