We have prepared a Privacy policy, a Cookies policy and Terms and Conditions for the use of a website for a client

September 30, 2019


In September 2019 we were contacted by a client who commissioned us to prepare a Privacy Policy, a Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions for the use of a website in the Bulgarian language, which documents will be published on the client’s newly created website since the site only has Bulgarian version. We organized a meeting with the client at the law office, at which we discussed the details of the project, and the client provided us with all the necessary information on the basis of which we were able to mark the contents of the documents, and then began with the drafting of the documents. The Website does not constitute an online store, but on the website information about all the services that our client provides and the goods that he offers is provided without the customers having an opportunity to purchase the goods through the website.
We were able to prepare the documents within the agreed deadline and sent them to our client, who approved them, with which we successfully completed this project. The Terms and Conditions for the use of a website contain information regarding the identification of the Provider; the subject matter of the Terms and conditions; characteristics of the website; rights and obligations of Users; rights and obligations of the Provider; processing of personal data; links to third parties websites; intellectual property rights as well as final provisions.

The Cookies policy we have prepared contains the following information, namely: what are cookies and how are cookies used; what is the purpose of cookies; types of cookies and cookies, which the operator of the website uses;  purpose; how long is the information kept; how to control and delete cookies; changes to the Cookies policy.

The  Privacy policy that we have drafted contains all the information that must be provided in accordance with the requirements of Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016.

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