We have prepared a cooperation agreement for our client

September 10, 2019


In August 2019, we were contacted by a client who commissioned us to draw up a cooperation agreement to be concluded with a foreign business partner, which is why the parties wish to settle their legal relations. The client provided us with all the necessary information and we were able to prepare the cooperation agreement, which contains clauses regarding subject matter of the agreement, territorial scope, rights and obligations of the parties, independent contractor status of the parties, technical assistance, remuneration, detailed provisions on confidentiality (purpose of disclosure of confidential information; a detailed description of what constitutes confidential information; a detailed description of what does not include confidential information; the rights and obligations of the parties concerning the confidential information; disclosure obligation; due diligence. notification of disclosure, liability for not publishing, penalties and sanctions for non-compliance), the term of the agreement and conditions for termination, final provisions. The agreement was approved by the client.

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