We have drafted Website terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

July 09, 2019


In June 2019, a client, to whom we helped in 2018 to implement Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) on a legal basis by preparing all the necessary documents, contacted us. This time, our client has contacted us as he has developed a new platform in which he presents the goods he offers on the market, namely: different types of building materials. In this regard, for the newly built website, it is necessary for Website terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy to be prepared and published on the website. The client provided us with the necessary information in order to be able to prepare the documents on time and according to the requirements of the current legislation. The project is extremely interesting for us because the developed platform where the products offered by our client are presented provides a variety of contact options that should have been reflected in the Privacy Policy which besides this information also contains information about the controller; the supervisory authority; objectives and scope of the privacy policy; the principles relating to the processing of personal data; the purposes of processing of personal data; the legal basis for the processing of personal data; what personal data are collected and processed; instructions for using cookies; how long the personal data is stored; mandatory and voluntary nature of the provision of personal data; information on the processing of personal data; data protection information; recipients to whom personal data may be disclosed; rights of individuals; order to exercise the rights; information about profiling and the consequences of this profiling, as well as information about making changes to the privacy policy.

The Cookies policy we have prepared contains the following information, namely: what are cookies and how are cookies used; what is the purpose of cookies; types of cookies and cookies, which the operator of the website uses;  purpose; how long is the information kept; how to control and delete cookies; changes to the Cookies policy.

Finally, the Website terms and conditions of use provide information to users on the Provider’s identification; the subject matter of the terms of use; the features of the website; rights and obligations of the Users; rights and obligations of the Provider; processing of personal data; links to third-party websites; intellectual property rights and final provisions.

All documents were prepared in the agreed time between the parties and provided to the client and approved by him, with which we successfully completed this project.

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