We have successfully registered a word trademark for food

May 13, 2019


In November 2018, we were contacted by a client with whom we have worked regularly on a number of projects over the last few years. The client instructed us to register a national word mark for food. As always, we have carried out a thorough preliminary search in the databases to check if there are earlier similar rights. After conducting the preliminary search, we prepared a written legal opinion containing an analysis of the results of the search conducted. It was concluded in the legal opinion that the mark would successfully pass the expertise on absolute grounds for refusal and that no earlier similar/identical marks were found. Therefore, the client was recommended to file the mark for registration at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. We were authorized by our client to represent him in the registration procedure, then prepared the application and submitted it at the Patent Office electronically. State fees were paid in due time. The mark successfully passed the expertise on absolute grounds for refusal and was published in the bulletin, and no objections and oppositions were filed within the three month period. Then we proceeded with the last step of the registration procedure, namely: payment of the second installment of the state fee. A few days later, the trademark was successfully registered, with which we successfully completed this project in April 2019. Finally, we provided the client with the registration certificate.

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