We have drafted a cooperation agreement for one of our clients

February 25, 2019


In February 2019, we were contacted by a client, with whom we have worked on other projects. The client hired us to draft a cooperation agreement that is concluded on the basis of Art. 9 of the Law on Obligations and Contracts, where the autonomy of the voices of the parties is proclaimed. The client provided us with the necessary information regarding the drafting of the cooperation agreement, as a result of which we prepared an agreement with the following content, namely:

  • Identification of the parties;
  • The subject matter of the agreement;
  • Rights and obligations of the parties;
  • Independent status of the parties;
  • Profit distribution and method of payment;
  • Termination of the agreement;
  • Penalties;
  • Final provisions.

The agreement was completed and provided to the client within the agreed time limit.


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