We performed a preliminary trademark search for services in Class 43 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services

October 19, 2018


In May 2015 a client contacted us who wanted to open a chain of fast-food restaurants and for that purpose provided us with a combinative trademark consisting of a word and figurative element for which we shall conduct a preliminary trademark search. We conducted the search in the databases and it turned out that at the time of the search there was one similar trademark (a high degree of similarity), which is a registered trademark of the European Union and has effect on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is registered for identical services from Class 43. We compared the two trademarks in detail, and described the results in a written analysis, in which we recommended the client to choose another sign to designate his fast-food restaurants because if we file an application for registration of the trademark proposed by the client there is a high possibility for an opposition to be submitted by the proprietor of the earlier trademark.

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