We have successfully registered a European Union trademark in Classes 35 and 41 of the Nice Classification of goods and services

October 04, 2018


In September 2017, we were contacted by a client who has developed an online platform and instructed us to register a combinative trademark for services in Classes 35 and 41 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of Trademark Registration. We explained to the client the essence of the registration process and provided materials containing useful information about trademarks. We conducted a preliminary trademark search on both the word and the figurative element on the existence of similar earlier trademarks and drafted a written report in which we have analyzed the results of the conducted trademark search. We also advised the client that the trademark is sufficiently distinctive and would successfully pass the expertise on absolute grounds for refusal, and then we proceeded with the submission of the application for registration of the trademark electronically. The mark was successfully registered in January 2018, just four months after the filing of the application for registration as the trademark successfully passed the examination on absolute grounds for refusal and no objections and no oppositions were filed within the three-month period. After successfully registering the trademark for the client, the latter continues to work with us as he has hired us to monitor the trademark so that action can be taken on time to protect the trademark if applications for registration of similar/ identical marks have been filed.

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