We have successfully registered a European Union trademark for a jewelry manufacturer and trader

October 18, 2018


In October 2017, a client wishing to register a European Union trademark for goods in Class 14 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services (Jewelry) and services of Class 35 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services (sale of jewelry). The client required a preliminary trademark search to be conducted in order to be checked if there are earlier similar trademarks, which search is part of our registration service and we always perform this search because we believe that this is the most important part of the service we provide.

Our preliminary trademark search has shown that there are similar trademarks that are registered for similar goods and services, so the client provided us other words for which to conduct a preliminary search. Of all the suggestions provided by the client, only one word does not violate earlier rights, so we advised the client to develop this trademark. In about a week, the client provided us with a combined trademark – the word we checked together with a figurative element to file for registration at the EUIPO. We filed the application for registration of the trademark in November 2017, paid the state fees, and after about a week the mark was published in the Official Bulletin of the Office because it is sufficiently distinctive and passes the absolute grounds for refusal. No opposition was filed in the three-month deadline and in March 2018 the mark was successfully registered. We have sent the registration certificate by e-mail to the client. The client continues to work with us taking advantage of the service we provide for proprietors of trademarks, namely “Trademark Monitoring”, by assigning us the monitoring of the trademark so that the client can file an opposition on time in case there is an application for registration of a similar or identical trademark.

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