We have successfully registered a European Union trademark for a client – food manufacturer

October 12, 2018


In August 2017, a client who is a food producer contacted us and provided us with an already-made logo consisting of a word and figurative element. The client has the desire to distribute his production on the territory of several EU member states. We advised the client that in this case, it is better to register a European Union trademark because registration of a trademark before the European Union Intellectual Property Office is the best and easiest way to provide protection on the territory of the European Union. When a trademark is successfully registered, the protection is spread on the territory of all member states of the European Union. The goods that the client produces fall in Class 30 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services. We have chosen from the list of goods in Class 30 only goods for which the trademark will be used at present and in the future since it is not advisable to file the trademark for all goods in Class 30. We have provided a brochure containing useful information about trademarks and have explained to the client the essence of the registration process. We then conducted a detailed trademark search and prepared a written legal opinion. We have foreseen that the trademark will pass the expertise on absolute grounds for refusal. The results of the search showed that there were no registered, applied for registration and unregistered similar and/or identical trademarks at the time of the search. We proceeded with the submission of the application before the EUIPO and paid the state fee for the registration of a European trademark for one class. The trademark passed the expertise on absolute grounds for refusal and was published in the Official Bulletin of the EUIPO. No oppositions were filed within the three month period, and the trademark was successfully registered after about four months of the filing of the application for registration. Finally, we sent the client the trademark registration certificate, with which we have successfully completed the registration process.


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