We have drafted an agreement for software development

October 01, 2018


In August 2016, we were contacted by a software company that hired us to draft an agreement for software development in English because our client had committed to enteringing into such an agreement with a client operating outside of Bulgaria. The client provided us all the information that has to be included in the agreement. We drafted the agreement within the agreed timeframe, which has helped our client to successfully arrange his contractual relationship. The agreement that we drafted for software development includes the following clauses:

– The subject matter of the agreement;

– Term of the agreement;

– Remuneration and method of payment;

– Rights and obligations of the Assignor;

– Rights and obligations of the Assignee;

– Acceptance of the product;

– Warranty period;

– Liability for default;

– Independent contractor status;

– Intellectual Property;

– Force majeure;

– Confidentiality;

– Miscellaneous.

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