We have drafted a non-disclosure agreement

October 18, 2018


In September 2018, a client contacted us and hired us to draft a confidentiality agreement. The client provided us the necessary information to be able to prepare the document. The Non-Disclosure Agreement that we have proposed and the client approved contains clauses on:

  • Identification of the parties (disclosing and receiving party);
  • The purpose of disclosing of confidential information;
  • What is confidential information;
  • Exclusions of confidential information;
  • Rights and obligations of the parties:
  • The obligation of non-disclosure;
  • Standard of care. Notification of disclosure;
  • No publication;
  • Return of confidential information;
  • Term of the agreement;
  • Miscellaneous: communication between the parties; independent contractor status; applicable law; changes.
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