We have conducted a preliminary trademark search for a combinative trademark for goods in Class 32 from the International Classification of Goods and Services – soft drinks

October 26, 2018


In June 2017, we were contacted by a client who provided us with a combinative trademark and hired us to perform a preliminary trademark search as he intends to apply the trademark for registration as a European Union trademark for the production of soft drinks which goods fall into Class 32 of the International Classification of Goods and Services. We performed a search in the databases and it turned out that as of the date of the search there is one similar registered trademark, which is a registered trademark of the European Union and has an effect on the territory of all EU member states. The earlier trademark is registered for identical goods in Class 32 and there is a high degree of similarity between the two trademarks. In addition, the trademark has been renewed several times, there is a lot of evidence of its use in the commercial activity. We described the results of the search in written analysis and provided all available information to the client to make an informed decision. We have advised the client not to develop this trademark, as the opposition is very likely to be filed. The client took our recommendations into consideration and chose other names for which a preliminary search to be conducted.

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