Successful registration of two trademarks for a client producer of accessories

September 10, 2018


We were approached by a client who produces accessories for bath regarding the registration of two national trademarks before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. Krasimira Kadieva acquainted the client with the registration procedure and performed a preliminary trademark search of existing identical or similar trademarks in order to determine whether the trademarks fall within the scope of the rule regulating the absolute grounds for refusal as well as to avoid trademark infringement (unauthorized use) of earlier rights and potential lawsuits. The results of the search were provided in a detailed analysis. The preliminary search found that the trademarks will successfully pass the expertise of the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and there is no violation of earlier rights and therefore there is no risk of oppositions to the registration of the client’s trademarks. After getting acquainted with the analysis, the client expressed his wish to file an application for registration of the two trademarks. We filed the application for registration of the two trademarks and consulted the client on the appropriate goods for which the trademarks should be registered. The state fees were paid in due time and we informed the client about the progress of the trademark registration procedure. No oppositions were filed within the three-month period and the trademarks were successfully registered. Finally, we provided the client with the certificates for registration of the two trademarks.

The client already owns all legal rights to the trademarks and can undisturbedly develop his business with the trademarks we have registered. When the renewal deadline approaches, we will remind him that the trademarks have to be renewed if he wishes to continue to have rights over them.

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