Privacy policy

With the development of technologies and ways of delivering goods and services, including through the Internet, protection of personal data is becoming more and important.

Personal data is any information with which an individual can be identified (name, email address, phone number, IP address, etc.), which in itself means that there is almost no activity in which personal data is not processed, respectively, that there is no risk to these data.

Personal data protection is important for both users and website owners who are personal data controllers. It is important to mention that it is the primary duty of controllers to respect the privacy of individuals and to inform them about the purpose for processing of their personal data, whether the personal data is provided to third parties, how the data is protected against unlawful processing, etc. In other words, website owners are committed to protecting the personal data of users on the website by applying all the standards under the current legislation, which is reflected both at a national and European level, respectively in the Bulgarian Data Protection Act and Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Owners of websites are obliged to implement a Privacy Policy on their website that will further regulate their relations with the users on the website regarding the way the personal data of Users will be processed.

The Privacy policy, which is mandatory for any website, should have the following content and provide Users with information about:

  • Introduction;
  • Providing information about the controller;
  • Providing information about the Supervisory Authority;
  • Contact details of the Data Protection Officer;
  • Purpose and scope of the Privacy policy;
  • Definitions;
  • Principles relating to the processing of personal data;
  • Purpose of personal data processing;
  • The legal basis for the processing of personal data;
  • Personal data that is collected and processed;
  • Cookies policy;
  • Period for storing of personal data;
  • Mandatory and voluntary nature of the provision of personal data;
  • Information about personal data processing;
  • Information about the protection of personal data;
  • Recipients to whom personal data may be disclosed;
  • Rights of individuals;
  • Procedure for exercising the rights of individuals;
  • Information about profiling and the consequences of this profiling;
  • Changes to the Privacy policy.

Due to the many peculiarities that should be taken into account when drafting of Privacy policy, it is advisable to seek assistance from a specialist with experience in this matter. Krasimira Kadieva will gladly assist you in the drafting of the privacy policy for your website due to the fact that she has successfully in her practice drafted documents for doing business on the Internet (website terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, cookies policy) both in Bulgarian and English languages. In connection with the newly adopted Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), the law firm of Krasimira Kadieva assists clients in updating their previously drafted privacy policies in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

The service “Drafting of a Privacy policy” includes:

  • consulting the client in order to get acquainted with the features of the website and the client’s activity;
  • asking questions in order to obtain the necessary information for the preparation of The Privacy policy;
  • drafting of a detailed Privacy policy that fully corresponds with the client’s activities and the specifics of the website;
  • providing the Privacy policy to the client;
  • opportunity to ask questions about the prepared Privacy policy.

Among the clients who have received legal expertise to their individual needs in Internet law and E-commerce over the past few years are both service providers, software developers, digital agencies, graphic designers, online stores owners, hotel owners, construction companies, real estate agencies as well as small companies that are just starting their business on the Internet. It is also a great recognition for us that in the past years we have helped a number of clients operating in other European countries to enter the Bulgarian market, as the expertise of the law firm in the areas of E-commerce, personal data protection, and intellectual property allows our team to provide effective solutions for expanding our clients’ businesses.




Drafting a privacy policy