We have drafted a Cookies Policy for our client

August 14, 2020


In May 2020, we were contacted by a client who hired us to prepare a Cookies Policy, as the website our client has developed in the field of tourism uses cookies and in compliance with legal requirements, a Cookes policy shall be drafted and published on the website. The client provided us with the information necessary for the preparation of this document, as a result of which we were able to prepare a comprehensive Policy, which contains the following information:

  • Introduction;
  • What are cookies and how do they work?;
  • What is the purpose of cookies ?;
  • Types of cookies;
  • Types of cookies used on the website;
  • How long is the information stored?;
  • Managing and deleting cookies;
  • Changes to the Cookies policy.

The Cookies policy we provided to our client was approved and published on the website, with which we successfully completed this project.

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