We have negotiated a trademark coexistence agreement

In November 2019, a client contacted us, who has filed an application for registration of a European Union trademark. The client has received a notification letter that opposition would be filed within the stipulated period if the application has not been withdrawn. Our client hired us and we prepared a proposal letter for concluding a […]


Revocation of a trademark registration

This publication will describe the procedure for revocation (cancellation) of trademarks. The invalidation of trademark registration will be described in the next article. Grounds for revocation of a trademark registration Trademark registration may be revoked on the following grounds, namely: If within a period of five years following the registration, the proprietor has not put […]


We have provided legal assistance to the largest Polish online store selling mobile phone accessories to establish its business in Bulgaria

In November 2019, we were contacted by the largest Polish online store selling mobile phone accessories, who wished to hire us regarding establishing its activity in Bulgaria. Our client intends to open an online store for selling the goods he offers on the Bulgarian market. The expertise of the law firm of Krasimira Kadieva in […]


We have updated all the publications on the website concerning trademarks and geographical indications in accordance with the provisions of the new Law on Marks and Geographical Indications promulgated on December 13, 2019

This website contains a number of publications /articles/ in the fields of trademarks and geographical indications, which were prepared and published during the repealed Law on Мarks and Geographical Indications. Following the entry into force of the new Law on Marks and Geographical Indications, we were able to update all the relevant publications concerning trademarks […]


We have registered a national combined trademark for goods and services in Classes 11, 21 and 35 of the Nice Classification

In May 2019 a client contacted us, with whom we had previously worked on another project and hired us to carry out a preliminary trademark search of a combined trademark for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The goods and services he wishes to designate under this mark fall in classes 11, 21, and […]