We have drafted a Privacy policy, a Cookies policy and E-Commerce Terms and Conditions

April 03, 2019


In March 2019, we were contacted by a client who has developed an online store. The client has developed an online store for the sale of adhesives, cleaning solvents and other accessories for domestic and assembly activities. The client has commissioned us to prepare a Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and E-Commerce Terms and Conditions, by providing us with the necessary information to prepare the above-mentioned documents for doing business on the Internet. The documents should only be written in Bulgarian because the online store has only the Bulgarian version.

The documents we have prepared are in full compliance with the current legislation and the specifics of the online store, and the Privacy Policy contains all the information that needs to be provided under Article 13 of Regulation 679/2016. The Cookies policy we prepared and provided to the client contains a definition of what cookies are and how they are used, the types of cookies, how long is the information kept and how to delete the cookies.

The E-Commerce Terms and Conditions that we have prepared provide information to Users on the identification of the Provider, the subject of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the characteristics of the online store, the conditions under which a profile is registered, prices and method of payment, promotions and reductions, delivery, refusal of delivery, return of goods, warranty service, refund of amounts paid, force majeure, rights and obligations of Users, rights and obligations of the Provider, processing of personal data, intellectual property rights, final provisions.

The documents were prepared in the agreed by the parties term and approved by the client, with which we successfully completed this project.

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