We have drafted a cease and desist letter

December 10, 2018


In November 2018, a client who trades with goods and with whom we have previously worked on several projects contacted us. Our client had just found that a competitor had copied one of his trademarks without any change, which means that the competitor is using an identical trademark in his business activities to provide identical services. Our client has used the trademark for about ten years and his competitor uses the same trademark from 2018. We have consulted the client about all the possible ways for the protection of his trademark rights. We advised the client that the fastest and most appropriate way to protect his rights is to prepare and send to the infringer a cease and desist letter. The client instructed us to prepare the letter. In the letter inviting the competitor to stop the violation, we have described the factual situation and provided the infringing party with a two-week period to end the violation, namely: to stop using the trademark of our client. We pointed out that if he does not stop the violation within the specified deadline, we will take all legal actions in order to protect the trademark rights of our client.

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