The past year has been very dynamic for us

December 21, 2018


In the last days of the year it is time for analysis. The past 2018 was extremely dynamic and successful for us. In August 2018, we had an anniversary, five years since the opening of the law firm’s office by Krasimira Kadieva in 2013. At such times, one goes back in time. We would like to thank all our clients, colleagues, partners and friends for the trust and support, the high appreciation you give to our work and the successes we have achieved together thanks to the work and dedication we have put into place.

Over the past year, we have helped more than thirty clients to implement GDPR. We organized two training sessions in the law office dedicated to the GDPR. The number of clients who hired us to register their trademarks have increased. We have also helped dozens of clients in the preparation of documents for doing business on the Internet, such as Terms and Conditions for use of a Website, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, both in Bulgarian and English.

In addition, we have implemented two new functionalities on the Web site: E-Services Portal and the “Projects” menu. We have developed the E-Services Portal to provide to our clients an opportunity to send us a request electronically about the following services, for which they would like to hire us, namely: Preliminary trademark search, Registration of a national trademark, Registration of a European Union trademark, Trademark monitoring, Renewal of trademark registration. In the “Projects” menu, from September, we present selected examples from our experience on various client projects. The names of our clients will not be indicated, nor does the website contain any information that constitutes a professional and/or trade secret of our clients.

In the coming years, we will continue to work hard and dedicated to provide you with the highest quality legal services.

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