We have carried out a preliminary trademark search for food production

October 05, 2018


In December 2017, a client with whom we have worked previously regarding registration of a European Union trademark contacted us and commissioned us to conduct a preliminary trademark search of a wordmark for Classes 29 and 30 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services. We conducted the preliminary search in the databases and found that there are three registered similar earlier trademarks – the two marks are registered European Union trademarks and the third is a national trademark with effect on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. All three trademarks are registered for identical goods in Classes 29 and 30. We have prepared a written statement in which we analyzed the results of the search conducted by us and provided it to the client. In the conclusion contained in the statement, we advised the client not to develop and file for registration this trademark, since an opposition can be filed by the proprietor of one of the earlier similar trademarks. The client decided not to develop the trademark for which we have conducted a preliminary trademark search, but choose another name for which we will also subsequently conduct a preliminary search.

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