The trademark registration is valid 10/ten/years from the filing date of the application for registration in the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. Registration may be renewed indefinitely for further periods of 10 / ten / years. The request for renewal may be submitted one year (six months for European Union trademarks) before the expiry of the validity of the trademark or within six months after the expiry of that period, against payment of a higher state fee.

Recommendation: Trademark owners are advised to submit a request for renewal of the registration of the trademark in the last year before the expiration of the ten year period because after that the owner will have only six months for the renewal of the registration and has to pay a higher state fee. In case the deadline for renewal is missed and the trademark owner wants to continue to have exclusive rights to the trademark, a new application for registration shall be filed.

The “renewal of trademark registration” service includes the following steps:

monitoring the validity of the trademark;

filing the request for renewal;

payment of state fees;

–  obtaining a certificate;

handling of the certificate to the client.

The attorney fee for renewal of trademark registration is:

– for a national trademark: 140 leva (70 Euro);

– for European Union trademark: 170 leva (90 Euro).

Krasimira Kadieva offers renewal of national trademarks, European Union trademarks, international trademarks as well as trademarks in other territories.

If you would like to renew your trademark you are recommended to contact a trademark attorney with experience for professional advice and preparation of all necessary documents. The Bulgarian IP Attorney Krasimira Kadieva will gladly assist you in the renewal of your trademark by providing professional advice and preparation of the necessary documents. In the event that you wish to take advantage of the service „renewal of trademark”, please send the registration number of the trademark, which you want to renew as well as your e-mail address and phone number by using the contact form of this website. You will receive an e-mail containing an invoice as well as a power of attorney.

If you wish to assign us the renewal of your trademark, you can use the electronic services by filling in the relevant electronic form, which is available HERE.