Registration of an industrial design before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), located in Alicante, Spain, is the best and easiest way for protection of designs in the European Union. When the design is succesfully registered, the protection is spread on the territory of all member states of the European Union. The owner of the Community design has the right to use it not only on the territory of one member state of the European Union, but also on the territory of the whole union. The registration procedure is facilitated by filing of one application, payment of one fee and the Community design is examined and registered within days of a correctly-filed application. Multiple-design applications are allowed.

Krasimira Kadieva will gladly register your Community design by providing professional advice and preparation of all necessary documents.

Services provided to clients by the Bulgarian design lawyer Krasimira Kadieva in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Preliminary searches of existing earlier designs in order to avoid design infringement (unauthorized use) and potential lawsuits;
  • Filing a Community design application;
  • Legal representation during the registration process;
  • Revocation of Community designs;
  • Advice on the protection of unregistered community designs;
  • Recordation of assignments and licenses;
  • Protection of the design against infringements;
  • Drafting and answering of cease and desist letters;
  • Out-of-Court settlement negotiations;
  • Drafting of settlement agreements;
  • Reminder of deadline for renewal of registration of design;
  • Renewal of а Community