Opposition against an application for registration of a trademark

Many trademarks have been registered over the years and more and more applications for trademarks are submitted every day. This often leads to conflict of interests between different competitors. Following the amendments made in March 2011 of the Law on Marks and Geographical Indications (LMGI), a trademark opposition procedure, the so-called opposition system, was introduced. […]


Protection of a trademark

In the course of the successful development and market imposition of every trademark, several stages can be identified, namely: The first stage is the creation of the trademark and namely its vision that will be aimed at the specific consumers that will be targeted. The second stage is the registration of the mark, since only […]


Types of trademarks

A number of publications about trademarks have been published on the law firm’s website, such as: trademark registration procedure, conducting preliminary trademark research, absolute grounds for refusal of registration of a trademark and many more. The purpose of this publication is to present different types of trademarks by grouping them according to different criteria for […]


Advantages of trademark registration. What trademarks are recommended to be created and registered?

Every day hundreds of trademarks are being created and filed for registration in different offices around the world. Therefore, the protection of intellectual property rights through registration is an important element of any business strategy. In my practice over the past few years, as an intellectual property practitioner, I have often encountered the following problem: […]


Registration of an online store at NRA

In September 2018, an Ordinance amending and supplementing Ordinance № N-18 of 13 December 2006 on registration and reporting through fiscal devices of sales in trade sites was promulgated. The changes set out in the Ordinance cover mainly the following issues: Changes related to the conduct of the transaction; Changes related to the order for […]


Cease and desist letter

It is very common in practice someone consciously or unconsciously to use in the commercial activity or register similar to an earlier trademark. There are also many cases of copyright infringement. Infringers can be easily found on the Internet, at exhibitions or in magazines. What can be done in such cases? The fastest and most […]


Ecommerce Website Terms and Conditions

This publication will provide a detailed information on the preparation and content of the Ecommerce Website Terms and Conditions. The Ecommerce Website Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the owner of the online shop and the users for the use of the website as well as the conclusion of agreements with the users of […]