Cease and desist letter

It is very common in practice someone consciously or unconsciously to use in the commercial activity or register similar to an earlier trademark. There are also many cases of copyright infringement. Infringers can be easily found on the Internet, at exhibitions or in magazines. What can be done in such cases? The fastest and most […]


Ecommerce Website Terms and Conditions

This publication will provide a detailed information on the preparation and content of the Ecommerce Website Terms and Conditions. The Ecommerce Website Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the owner of the online shop and the users for the use of the website as well as the conclusion of agreements with the users of […]


Performing an impact assessment of the envisaged processing operations of the protection of personal data

Purpose of the impact assessment procedure This article aims to provide more information on the impact assessment set out in Articles 35 and 36 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Impact assessment is a reporting tool that helps controllers not only to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 but also to demonstrate that appropriate measures have been taken […]


Drafting a privacy policy

Privacy is crucial for both users and website owners. Operators of websites (hereinafter referred to as “controller” or “controllers”) shall understand the privacy concerns of visitors to their websites regarding the protection of personal data and shall be committed to protecting their personal data by applying all standards in accordance with the applicable law. Controllers […]


Website terms and conditions of use

This publication provides a detailed information on how to draft the terms and conditions of website usage. The operator of the website is required to provide to the users of the website the terms and conditions in a way that allows their storage and reproduction. Introduction As an introduction to the terms and conditions of […]