The Act for Amendment and Supplement of the Personal Data Protection Act was adopted

On 24.01.2019, at second reading, the Act for Amendment and Supplement of the Personal Data Protection Act was adopted. The adopted amendments to the current Law on the Protection of Personal Data seeks to implement into our national legislation the new European legal framework in the field of personal data protection, because on 25.05.2018 the […]


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Wishing you a great winter holidays filled with very pleasant emotions and great experiences. Let the new 2019 year be happier, successful and filled with a creative surge that brings you satisfaction and keeps you going ahead! Special thanks to the colleagues from the law office, to all […]


The past year has been very dynamic for us

In the last days of the year it is time for analysis. The past 2018 was extremely dynamic and successful for us. Our team increased with two colleagues and our clients – two times. In August 2018, we had an anniversary, five years since the opening of the law firm’s office by Krasimira Kadieva in […]


We have implemented another new functionality on the website

We have implemented a new functionality on the Website, namely: an E-services portal (e-services), which has been developed with the aim to provide to our clients an opportunity to send us a request electronically about the following services, for which they would like to hire us, namely: Preliminary trademark search, Registration of a national trademark, […]


We have attended “IP for Business Training”

We have attended “IP for Business Training” organized by GIS Transfer Center Foundation, Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria,  Enterprise Europe Network, European IPR Helpdesk, European Patent Academy and Sofia Tech Park, which was held on November 29th, 2018 at Sofia Tech Park. The training was attended by business representatives as well as fellow industrial […]


A Geo-blocking Regulation in the Context of E-commerce enters into force

Regulation (EU) 2018/302 on addressing unjustified geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination based on customers’ nationality, place of residence or place of establishment within the internal market enters into force on 3.12.2018. The aim of the Regulation is for the consumers to be provided more opportunities by overcoming the problem that some customers are not […]


Amendments to the Cultural Heritage Act

The Parliament adopted at first reading two bills amending and supplementing the Cultural Heritage Act. It is envisaged that the identification of items or collections of objects that can be defined as cultural values ​​will be carried out not only by state museums but also by private museums, which will be a relief for private […]


A Cyber Security Act has been adopted

At the end of October 2018, the Cyber security Act was passed on the second reading. The new law regulates cyber security activities organization, management and control, including cyber-attack activities and projects, and counter cybercrime. The law also defines the powers and functions of the competent authorities in the field of cyber security. Legal definitions […]


Amendments to the Copyright and Related Rights Act

On 31st of October 2018 amendments to the Copyright and Related Rights Act related to people with disabilities, in particular blind Bulgarian citizens, persons with permanently impaired vision, as well as persons with disabilities, which does not allow reading of printed publications were adopted. As a result of the changes, without the consent of the […]


The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria has extended the portfolio of its electronic register

The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria has expanded the portfolio of its electronic register and in this way the users now have the opportunity to find information about new plant varieties and animal breeds. Users can perform combined searches on the following criteria: name, application number, application date, registered number, publications, status, origin, […]