We have successfully registered a national word mark for services in Classes 35 and 36 at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria

At the end of 2018, we were contacted by a client to whom we have provided legal services. The client hired us to register a national word mark that would have effect on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. After we provided a brochure and an e-book containing useful information about trademarks, as always, […]


We have successfully registered a European Union trademark for goods in classes 3 and 5 of the Nice classification of goods and services

In January 2019, we were contacted by a new client who produces goods from classes 3 and 5 of the Nice classification of the goods and services and hired us to register the trademark used so far as an European Union trademark before the EUIPO. The European Union trademark has an effect on the territory […]


We have drafted two privacy policies

In June 2019, a client contacted us and commissioned us to prepare two Privacy Policies in Bulgarian for two online stores. The client provided us with access to the two websites in order to be able to prepare the documents in accordance with the requirements set out in Article 13 of Regulation (EC) 2016/679. The […]


We have prepared two contracts for а client

In May 2019 a client, with whom we have worked on a number of projects over the last three years contacted us. This time, the client instructed us to prepare two contracts that should regulate the relationship between our client and its co-contractors. For this purpose, we organized a meeting with the parties in our […]