We have successfully registered a European Union trademark for goods in classes 3 and 5 of the Nice classification of goods and services

In January 2019, we were contacted by a new client who produces goods from classes 3 and 5 of the Nice classification of the goods and services and hired us to register the trademark used so far as an European Union trademark before the EUIPO. The European Union trademark has an effect on the territory of all EU member states. We held a meeting with the client, explaining to him all the phases of the registration process and answered to all his questions. We have provided the client with a brochure containing useful information about marks, as well as an e-book with useful articles about marks. We have carried out a preliminary trademark search which showed that there are no violations of foreign prior rights and the mark is sufficiently distinctive to pass the expertise on absolute grounds for refusal, and then we proceeded with filing the application for registration of the trademark. The trademark is a word mark, written in Latin letters. Once we filed the application, we paid the state fees for registration of a trademark for two classes of goods. The application successfully passed the formal expertise and the expertise on the absolute grounds forrefusal and was published in the bulletin of the Office. No oppositions were submitted within three month period, and after a few days we received the trademark registration certificate electronically, which we provided to the client, and thus we completed the registration procedure of the trademark in June 2019.